Long Pond and the
Ice House

Here is what our neighbor-hood looked like in 1886. Move your cursor over the old map to see what our neighborhood looks like today.
Here is the
Ice House
(in brown)
Here is the mill (in pink) that later became our school.
___This is an 1886 map of the area around our school. The pink rectangular shape in the lower right corner is the Elmwood Cotton mill which became our school in 1997.
___Long Pond was right across Daboll Street and the ice house was about 500 feet up the shoreline. As you pass the cursor over the map it will turn into aerial view of the neighborhood taken in the early 1990's. As you can see, the pond is completely gone.
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life in the 1800's, click HERE .
This is an actual article (with some great photos) by a gentleman who visited an Ice Harvesting operation and interviewed the men as they worked in 1895.
A Day on the Ice Field
from Demorest's Family Magazine August, 1895
Here is another primary source article about the Ice Industry and its importance in the 1800's. ICE
from Scribner's Magazine
August, 1875