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Where Lies Frederic Tudor,
Ice King ?

A Modern Day Mystery.......

___In their book, The Ice King, Carl Seaburg and Stanley Paterson state that; "Frederic Tudor died in Boston at his house on the northwest corner of Beacon and Joy Streets on Saturday, February 6, 1864.... After the service, his body was laid to rest in the King's Chapel cemetery on Tremont Street in the family tomb (number thirteen), which he had cleared out some years earlier to make ready for its new tenants."
___After visiting the Kings Chapel Cemetery in the summer of 2004, I found that the Tudor family tombstone makes no mention of Frederic. I went to the Nahant Historical Society to see if I could gather any more information. (Much of the research for Mr. Patterson's and Mr. Seaburg's book came from here.)
___ In one of the files on "The Ice King" I noticed a hand-written note that said Frederic's remains had been moved to the Mount Auburn cemetery in Auburn, Massachusetts.
___My very patient wife, Susan, and I went to the Mount Auburn cemetery on a subsequent trip and found that, although his wife and children share a crypt with many of his decendents, his name does not appear on the headstone or in the records of the cemetery.
___So the question remains - Where lies Frederic Tudor?

Frederic Tudor
The "Ice King" of the World

Does Frederic lie here in the Kings Chapel Cemetery with his father?

Or does Frederic lie here in the Mount Auburn Cemetery
with his wife and decendents?

"He who gives back at the first repulse and without striking the
second blow, despairs of success has never been, is not,
and never will be a hero in war, love, or business."

Frederic Tudor - 1805

The first page of Tudor's' "Ice House Diary"