NEW!! Where Lies The Ice King?
A Modern day mystery
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Ice Harvest Photo Gallery

Spring, 2002
Our Museum Exhibit

Fall, 2001
Ice Lesson

April, 2002
"Ice Gal" Visit

February, 2003
Remick Ice Harvest

What could you read about ice in 1918?
1918 Book of Knowledge
A Day on an
An article from
Demorest's Family Magazine
July, 1894
Harvesting Ice On the Hudson
An article from
The New York Daily Graphic
January 15, 1881

An article from Scribner's Monthly Magazine

Harvesting & Storing Ice on the Farm
from the
1922 Farmer's Bulletin

Frederic Tudor,
Ice King
1933 Mass. Historical Soceity
Where Lies The Ice King?
A modern-day
Crystal Blocks of Yankee Coldness
The Development of the Massachusetts Ice Trade FREDERIC TUDOR
TO WENHAM LAKE 1806-1886
What Happened to Providence's Ponds?
An article from The Providence Sunday Journal October 15, 1922
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Ice Harvesting U.S.A.
Everything that you ever wanted to know about the Natural Ice Industry in the United States.......
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___Here is a picture of my 2002-2003 class in front of the Museum Exhibit in our school. This is the third group of second graders that I have worked with on this project since it was begun in the Fall of 2000, and the benefits have been many. By the end of each school year, the students become "experts" on a subject that most people have never heard of - Natural Ice Harvesting.
___ Some of the material that has been added to this site is too difficult for 2nd graders to comprehend, but my hope is that they will re-visit the site often as the years go by - perhaps using it as a resource for projects and term papers.
Natural Ice Harvesting is a fascinating subject, yet little can be found in today's encyclopedias (check out the 1918 Book of Knowledge) and text books. Much of the primary source information presented here, and most of the photographs, are not readily available anywhere else.
___ This site offers a unique opportunity for you to "visit" the past, and we at Charles Fortes School hope that you enjoy your journey !

Mr. Round

....................What Big Teeth You Have!!!!!.........
We help Mr. Round count the teeth on the ice saw and measure how long it is. There are 30 very large and very sharp teeth and the saw is over 5 feet, eight inches tall ! It's taller than Mr. Round ! If you would like to see an inquiry based ice lesson and some of the artifacts in our collection, CLICK HERE
Let's do some quick math.......
*In 1886, at the peak of the ice harvesting industry, there were over 25 million tons of ice harvested in the United States. As you know, there are 2,000 pounds in a ton, s o o o o ........
Get out your calculators and multiply;
25,000,000 X 2,000 = ?


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____There are two older books that I have seen on the subject of Ice Harvesting in the United States. They are both excellent but, unfortunately, are out of print.
____Some libraries and used book stores still have them, though, so if your "thirst" for ice has not been quenched after visiting this site, check them out. They are:

Joseph C. Jones Jr., America's Icemen: An Illustrative History of the United States Ice Industry 1665-1926, Jobeco Books, 1984

Everson, Jennie G.,Tidewater Ice on the Kennebec River, Maine Heritage Series, Maine State Museum. The Bond Wheelwright Co., 1970

____Two new books on Ice Harvesting and Frederic Tudor were published in 2003 - both of them are wonderful and easily obtainable both in bookstores and on the internet.. They are:

Carl Seaburg and Stanley Patterson, The Ice King: Frederic Tudor and His Circle, Massachusetts Historical Soceity, 2003

Weightman, Gavin, The Frozen Water Trade - A True Story, Hyperion, 2003

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