Ice Harvesting Exhibit
Charles Fortes Museum School
Mr. Round's 2nd Grade
When Mr. Round's 2000-2001 second grade class studied an old map in our front hall, they discovered that in 1886 there was a pond and ice house next to our building They wanted to know what happened to the pond and ice house. They also wanted to know what the ice house was used for.

This began an inquiry that lasted year and was con-tinued by the 2001-2002 second grade. Here we are exploring our Ice Harvesting artifacts. If you would like to see what we learned so far, CLICK HERE .
2000-2001 2nd grade with Ms. Rodriguez, our student teacher, and Mrs. Owen, the principal. We collected a number of artifacts during the year.
Here is the 2001-2002 2nd grade class who continued the work that was begun by last year's class.
When Mr. Round brought in the shiny silver-colored artifact above, we had to try to figure out what it was used for. We thought it was used to make ice cubes from ice, so the next day he brought in a 30 pound block of ice. We experimented to figure out how to use it and, as you can see, we were correct. The cubes are in the glass bowl.
Mr. Whittaker takes the class to the exhibit. Mr. Round sets down the rules for observing and touching the artifacts. The Gifford-Wood ice saw is brought down for us to see. It has a cover to protect the teeth.
Mr. Round measures the saw blade and counts the teeth. It is over 5 feet long and has 30 large teeth. Mr. Round shows us a very heavy metal bar with two big flat blades. We will be doing research to find out what it is called and what it is used for. This tool has a long handle with a metal hook and point on the end. We have three different sizes of this artifact in our collection.
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