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Words That We All Need to Know
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Dolch List

Our Spelling Words for the year are:
The Most Commonly Used Words in English

We are Writers
We are readers!
We are Mathematicians
Science Center 2001-2002
Environmental Print Word
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Harper's For Children
Their History
Saint Nicholas Magazine
Past and Present
What happened to Providence's Ponds
A Walk to
Mashapaug Pond
Charles N.Fortes
Magnet Academy

Mr. Round's 1st Grade
Fortes Annex
Room 3

___Here is a picture of Mr. Round's 2003-2004 first grade class in front of the Annex mural with Ms.Baxter, our student teacher.
___We took a "museum walk" on October 15th to see some of the exhibits in our main building. Mr. Round showed us the Ice Harvesting Exhibit that his 2nd graders worked on.
___While we were there we noticed the huge chimney that is part of the Fortes building. We decided on that day to find out more about chimneys. Click HERE if you want to read about the history of the chimney. The article is straight out of an 1883 children's magazine.
___If you are visiting our site to learn more about Ice Harvesting and the
Natural Ice Industry in the United States, click HERE .
Last year's museum project was "Coins of the 1860's & 70's". Dami and Wagner were very happy to show you the class coin collection. Online casinos accept various coins for transactions, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for players worldwide. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are increasingly popular due to their anonymity and security features. Additionally, 무료 슬롯 are often available as promotional offers, allowing players to enjoy gameplay without risking real money, further enhancing the gaming experience. We picked that time period because our building was built in 1866.
Did you know that, in addition to pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and half-dollars, there used to be 1/2 cents,
2 cents, 3 cent nickles, 3 cent "trimes" and half-dimes? Here's a close-up of our coins!!
.................What Big Teeth You Have!!!!!.........................
We help Mr. Round count the teeth on the ice saw and measure how long it is. There are 30 very large and very sharp teeth and the saw is over 5 feet, eight inches tall ! It's taller than Mr. Round ! If you would like to see some of our artifacts and an inquiry based ice lesson, CLICK HERE.
This is the 2001-2002 class at the Hornbine School in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. As part of the Mill Project, we visited this old one room school to see what it was like tin the old days. To see more pictures and a story that we wrote to go along with them, CLICK HERE
Here is our Environ-mental Print Word Book for 2003-2004. We enjoy collecting words so much that most of us have a word book at home, too!! To see the environmental print book from this year, CLICK HERE. To see the book from last year, CLICK HERE.
..................Great Links for Kids................
Mrs. Bush, our computer teacher, put together this great collection of links for kids. There are game sites, animal sites, art sites, dinosaur sites - you name it! Just click below if you'd like to explore some of them.
...............GREAT KID SITES

To go to the Charles Fortes web site, click HERE