Room 202 Science Center 2002-2003
This is our 2002-2003 Science Center. The jar of baby mosquitoes isn't in the picture, but you can see the Toad, Millipede and Crayfish tanks.
We've also had this bottle of mosquito larvae. The wrigglers wiggle around in the water and then hatch into baby mosquitos. They fly around inside the jar.
We talked all about the West Nile Virus.Now we know why it's important to get rid of standing water.
These are the toads Mr. Round brought from his home in Foster. They are good to have around your garden because they eat a lot of bugs. They are vey good at hiding themselves because they can change the color of their skin to match the things around them.
This is our Garter Snake. We've had her since the beginning of school. She eats worms. She shed her skin because she got to big for it. Can you see the skin? Some of us used to be afraid to hold her, but not any more!
We have two Giant African Millipedes. The one over the sign is stretched out nicely so that you can see how long it is. The kids love to hold them. They TICKLE when they walk on you!
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